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👋 Hello world!

We are Botsband. We develop chatbots to help businesses around the world to optimize and automate their business processes.

After attending the chatbot conference in 2017, we were immediately taken by the idea of chatbot creation, which shortly resulted in the founding of the Botsband company.

Since then, we have undertaken more than 110 projects that required creating chatbots on Facebook, websites, Viber, Telegram, Slack etc.

Among our clients were Bayer, Roche, Lexus, United Nations Development Programme, International Research, and Exchanges Board, Embassy of Ukraine in Moldova, ASIS, Ukrainian Railways, Tsytrus, Goodwine, EnjoyTheWood, etc.

While Botsband started as a solo project, over the years the number of employees has grown to 10+ people.

One of the things that help us stand out is that we are extremely enthusiastic and passionate about everything that is related to chatbot development with customer satisfaction being our key priority.

While designing and developing chatbots, we aim at providing tailored solutions for all our clients, that range from startups to big enterprises, in order to make their operational processes more efficient.

One of our major goals is to deliver the desired outcome in short time frames. Therefore, we always put high emphasis on efficiency and improved quality.

Botsband is a team of motivated and inspired chatbot experts who believe in innovation, development, and growth.