BOSS. Gaming Solutions

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Київ, Бухарест (Румунія)

BOSS. Gaming Solutions is a software provider and online gaming operator based in Malta.
The company brings together various aspects of the industry and offers both consumer entertainment brands and white-label services to the industry. It owns and operates multiple unique consumer-facing brands targeting various regulated markets around the world, led by a team of industry leaders that have two decades of combined hands-on experience in online entertainment, site creation and management.
The company’s flagship consumer-facing brand attracts hundreds of players every day. It offers a different take on the player journey. Our philosophy is simple: we combine everything related to online gambling under one over-arching brand and apply all our energy to achieving high quality on all fronts. The latest offering services the LATAM market with a comprehensive sports focus.
BOSS. Gaming Solutions therefore operates successfully in both the consumer-brand space while simultaneously offering comprehensive white-label solutions for other companies to launch, manage and grow their own online businesses.

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