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5 грудня 2023

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Wanted! (вакансія неактивна)


Are you ready to take the reins at one of the largest units in our dynamic international IT company, Boosta? We’re not just any company; we’re a hub of innovation, boasting a portfolio of successful products, cutting-edge performance marketing projects, and an investment fund, Burner. Since our inception in 2014, our team of Boosters has grown to a whopping 600!

Essential Skills We Seek:

  • Change Management: Proven expertise in driving successful team or company transformations, showcasing your ability to navigate change seamlessly.
  • Education: A strong educational foundation, complemented by relevant certifications (such as PMI), indicating your dedication to continuous learning and skill development.
  • Collaboration: More than a crisis solver, we need someone who can leverage the team’s strengths for mutual growth. Your ability to collaborate effectively is key to our collective success.
  • Innovation: Embrace change by actively seeking and applying new knowledge. Your innovative approach fuels our progress and drives positive change.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Strategic Leadership: Steer the ship by managing operational and commercial activities, optimizing crucial business processes, and ensuring we hit all our planned targets.
  • Innovation and Development: Collaborate on planning, developing, and implementing strategic goals, identifying priority areas for unit development, and assessing risks and opportunities for groundbreaking projects.
  • Financial Wizardry: Take charge of budget planning, implementation, and control, all while optimizing costs to boost our financial health.
  • Market Insight: Dive deep into market analysis, crafting improvement strategies that keep us ahead in the game.
  • Collaborative Excellence: Interact seamlessly with C-Level and top management, aligning efforts to achieve operational excellence.

What We Expect From You:

  • Experience Counts: Previous COO or CEO experience in a big international company or rapid-growth environment is ideal. Alternatively, if you’ve got 3+ years managing departments like marketing or support, we want to hear from you!
  • Business Savvy: Your commercial thinking, structured mindset, and data-driven decision-making skills are top-notch. You tackle challenges head-on, turning ambiguity into opportunities.
  • Innovative Spirit: You’re not just a follower; you’re a proactive self-starter, initiating changes that bring real value to the unit.
  • Global Perspective: Experience with the Western market is a must. Your ability to navigate international business landscapes sets you apart.
  • Benefits Galore: Apart from the thrill of the job, we offer a range of benefits, from flexible working hours and remote options to medical insurance, mental health support, educational perks, and fantastic corporate events!

Application process:

  • Stage 1: Pre-screen with our friendly recruiter.
  • Stage 2: Engaging interview where we get to each other better.
  • Stage 3: Show us your skills with a test task (if needed).
  • Stage 4: We’ll do a reference check to ensure a great fit.
  • Stage 5: Congratulations, it’s a job offer!

What’s Next?

Welcome aboard! Our HR team will guide you through an adaptation program, introducing you to our vibrant company culture and values. During your trial period, you won’t be alone — a mentor from your team will be by your side, ensuring a smooth transition.

Join Us:

Ready to lead, innovate, and thrive in a fast-paced environment? Apply now and embark on an exciting journey with us at Boosta!

Our Offer

  • Generous Benefits: 18 paid vacation days, 5 days off, and flexible sick leave options.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy flexible working hours and the option for remote work.
  • Health and Learning: Comprehensive medical insurance, mental health support, and compensation for courses and trainings.
  • Language Skills: Free English classes and speaking club sessions.
  • Knowledge and Team Building: Access to our internal library, educational events, and engaging corporate parties and team building activities.