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Київ, Таллінн (Естонія)

Bolt (formerly known as Taxify) is the leading European transportation platform that’s focused on making urban travel easier, quicker and more reliable.

Having reached 25 million customers and a $1B valuation in just 5 years, we’re growing like no other company in the industry.

We’re looking to provide a tight web of services for every distance, price range or customer need, covering everything from cars to motorbikes to scooters.

— We use microservices architecture, node.js, AWS, Docker, Redis, and many other technologies.
— Kotlin, RxJava for our Android, Swift for IOS and offer freedom to choose own tools.
— Dynamic graph optimization, geospatial analysis, automating ML (incl. GPUs) +RL, GA, sequence modeling on ML and Data Science side
— Self-driving car systems are on the way here.