Blackwood Games — киевская студия-разработки видеоигр ААА-класса. У нас работает более 200 высококлассных специалистов, занятых разработкой и поддержкой передовых игр. Команда Blackwood Games на протяжении 6 лет активно работает над созданием и совершенствованием игр для PC, XBOX, PS4.
27 июля 2020

Gameplay C++ Programmer


Необходимые навыки

Strong C++ knowledge (2+ years of professional C++ experience required)
Strong 3D mathematics knowledge
Familiarity with Design patterns and SOLID principles
Good understanding of ...
• Network programming
• Multithreading
• OS internals (process/thread/memory management)
• how CPU/GPU works

Будет плюсом

• Experience with Unreal Engine 4
• Hobby game projects or mods to existing games
• Knowledge of modern game content production process
• Strong 3D and mathematics skills
• Lua language skills
• C# language skills
• Experience in game industry
• Experience with making multiplayer games
• Experience with network programming
• Experience writing technical documentation
• Experience with bug-tracking systems
• Version-control systems expertise (Perforce, SVN, CVS, VSS)


• Competitive salary level
• Modern and convenient office in close proximity to the metro
• Ideal working conditions
• Medical insurance
27-day paid vacation
• Training programs
• Corporate events and team buildings


• Core gameplay features development (e.g. movement, shooting)
• Gameplay entities development (e.g. kill zones, rockets, bombs)
• Level Designers support (e.g. cinematics/cutscenes implementation)
• AI behaviours (e.g. PvE bosses)
• AI related features development (e.g. AI specific weapons)

О проекте