Blackwood Games — киевская студия-разработки видеоигр ААА-класса. У нас работает более 200 высококлассных специалистов, занятых разработкой и поддержкой передовых игр. Команда Blackwood Games на протяжении 6 лет активно работает над созданием и совершенствованием игр для PC, XBOX, PS4.
23 сентября 2020

Senior Gameplay Programmer


Необходимые навыки

Hard Skills
Strong C++ knowledge (5+ years of professional C++ experience required)
Strong 3D mathematics knowledge
Familiarity with Design patterns and SOLID principles
Good understanding of ...
... Network programming
... Multithreading
... OS internals (process/thread/memory management)
... how CPU/GPU works

Soft Skills
We hire candidates that are easy to work with and who will boost the team. Thus they should be ...
... communicable
.. non-conflicting
... self-motivated
... team players
... fast learning and open to new knowledge

Будет плюсом

clearly explains his ideas
clearly explains hard concepts
Plays games


We are happy to offer you:
• 24+3 days vacation
• Medical insurance
• Lunches
• Gym compensation
• English lessons
• Professional development opportunity
• Competitive salary level


Core gameplay features development (e.g. movement, shooting)
Gameplay entities development (e.g. kill zones, rockets, bombs)
Level Designers support (creating new blueprints mostly)
AI behaviors (e.g. PvE archetypes)
AI-related features development (e.g. AI-specific weapons)

О проекте

New unannounced project