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Blackthorn Vision

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Львов, Хмельницкий

23 декабря 2020 12:50

Nataliya Vlasenko, English Lecturer в Blackthorn Vision

Blackthorn Vision is a dream company!

I’ve been working at Blackthorn Vision for more than a year now, and I’d like to acknowledge that I’m really lucky to have a chance to work here as the company gives me everything I need: freedom, independence, instant and constant support, and numerous ways to progress and grow professionally. I’m happy to co-operate with such an exceptional team of professionals who are truly in love with what they do, and I’m genuinely grateful to the management for their rapport, loyalty, and willingness to give a hand any time.

Viva Blackthorn Vision!

Поддержали:  Nataliya Lukanyuk


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