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Bizico — це аутсорсингова компанія, ми розробляємо web та мобільні додатки. Основний стек технологій web: React, Node.js, .Net, та мобільна розробка: іOS, Android. Забезпечуємо повний цикл розробки проектів, від залучення бізнес-аналітика до кінцевого супроводу проекту. Основними клієнтами є замовники з США та Німеччини.
11 января 2019

Senior JavaScript & React UI/UX Front-end Developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

What do we expect from you?

You have multiple years of experience with JavaScript (ES6), as well as experience with React is a must
Additionally multiple years experience of specifically working on UI/UX is needed
You have to be expertise in Redux, Jest, Storybook
You can visualize your ideas with drawings/dummies/mockups that get the point across
Strong communication skills, even when working remotely, in written form, notes, docs, concepts
You’re a team player who communicates proactively — especially when working remotely — about what you’re doing and about the current status of your tasks you’re working on. You add your informed opinion to a discussion so that a team can make the right decision
You’re opinionated, but open to discussion, you question everything, you discuss things in order to gather information and different viewpoints to eventually formulate an optimal solution, you have no problem with being proven wrong, in fact you encourage others to do so
No fragile ego, you’re able to take criticism and grow from it
You’re an independent, structured and diligent worker with a meticulous approach
You search for the root cause of problems and fix that instead of slapping on a band aid
You find problems before they occur and propose solutions for the challenges
You like to follow and stay up to date on current developments in your field of expertise
You take on responsibility and accountability for your work
You have a good eye for detail. Little things that are off annoy you disproportionately
You possess good spoken and written English

Будет плюсом

A background in design or similar credentials are a plus
Experience with Meteor, MongoDB is a plus
Knowledge of German is a plus


Interesting and diverse projects from our German partners
Flexible working hours
Friendly and helpful colleagues
The best software and other necessary equipment
Spacious and comfortable office (if you decide to work in our office)


What are your tasks?

Take over responsibility for the UX of the platforms
Plan and work out new features as well as UI/UX improvements, mainly relying on the material-ui framework and JSS (css in JS). Write up detailed implementation notes, so other devs can implement it, or implement it yourself
Develop a cohesive UI-UX language and concept
Constantly evaluate all aspects of the platforms’ UI and user flows and thinking about improvements, to make it easier and more intuitive
Work closely with the PO, discuss problems, findings, features
Write tests for the frontend/UI
Talk to platform admins and possibly applicants and employers, too, in order to get feedback and find out pain points, problems and interaction patterns.
Evaluate and process feedback and feature requests from users
Review pull requests of other devs; Give and receive feedback
Conduct user testing sessions to get user feedback, find problems and improve user flows

О проекте


Just reach us via email hr@bizico.com or Skype: lily.zinuk
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!