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Binaryx Platform is a marketplace of high-yield real estate where properties are divided into fractions (tokens) worth $50 each. Get as many fractions as you want and earn proportional rental income.

🏠 Binaryx Platform is building a platform and infrastructure that allow a group of investors to organize themselves into the business legal entities DAOs & Interact with Real Estate Market players. Binaryx Platform democratizes real estate investment by making it more liquid, accessible, and flexible.

⚖️ DAO LLC — New Type of entity that was created in Wyoming, United States. We have discovered a legally compliant model that tokenizes properties worldwide with this new type of organization that can operate with the smart contract.

🔹Marketplace — Allows anyone to list constructed and ready-for-rent properties
🔹Launchpad — For properties under construction & off-plan projects
🔹Secondary Market — Solving the problem of assets liquidity for real estate and allows to sell properties in seconds.
🔹Lending Protocol for loans collateralized by real estate tokens.