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Binary Studio is a custom software development agency with a focus on long-term projects. We leverage exceptional Ukrainian engineering talent to build world class solutions for tech companies.
20 мая 2019

Academy Product Owner (Academy Manager) (вакансия неактивна)


Here at Binary Studio, there is a project that makes our company unique, special, and different. It unites us around one goal and drives us towards it. This project is Binary Studio Academy — our online intensive annual course for talented engineering students from all over Ukraine.

Binary Studio Academy’s mission is to transform smart and motivated students into capable engineers who are ready to build world-class software. We strive to become the Ukrainian IT Harvard, an establishment every talented student seeks to be a part of (BTW, the Academy admission rate of 6.7% is quite close to Harvard’s. ;)

Every year, Academy changes the lives of 100 of its alumni. To hold and organize Academy, it takes:

• A team of at least 30 people (half of the company)
• 6 months of preparation (to revise the curriculum, record new lectures, define projects and their scope, etc.)
• Months of PR campaigning to gather 3-4 thousand applicants
• Partnering with the best tech universities of the country
• Holding dozens of offline events to promote Academy
• Communication with thousands of applicants, conducting interviews, and giving presentations

Currently we are looking for an Academy product owner — the conductor of our Academy orchestra.

This is not your typical “Product Owner” vacancy. We’re looking for someone who is dedicated to the idea of helping the IT community by leading an educational program that will straight up change people’s lives — no joke. If you are the kind of person with a burning ambition to do something deeply meaningful and worthwhile in the tech sector — read on, because this might just be your dream job. :)

Academy Product Owner will coordinate all the company’s efforts assisting the team, initiating improvements, promoting and increasing the Academy’s brand awareness — and to do all it takes for Academy to be the first place people think of when they consider top-tier programs transforming the most talented students into world-class engineers.

Making that happen will require readiness to take on many different tasks, which can be divided into 2 categories: coordinating Academy and implementing its marketing strategy. To give you a rough idea of what you’ll do on the job, here are just a few examples.

Increase brand awareness of Binary Studio Academy:

• Plan and implement Marketing campaigns for Binary Studio Academy
• Establish partnerships with universities
• Сooperate with universities via sponsorships, job fairs, open lectures etc.
• Organize and hold events for students (this will imply some traveling within Ukraine)
• Speak at student conferences promoting Binary Studio Academy
• Strengthen the online presence of Academy through SMM channels: FB, telegram, Instagram, etc.
• Coordinating Academy blog efforts

Coordinate Binary Studio Academy

• Manage the selection process for Academy (e.g. organize the renewal of questions for the online test, interview applicants, make sure we stick to the timeline, track and ping all people involved on the progress of preparation for different stages of the selection process)
• Assist with the renewal of lectures for each track (organize filming and editing)
• Manage the learning management system (LMS) for students
• Initiate updates for LMS features and manage improvements on the Academy website
• Communicate with students through emails, slack channels, LMS notifications
• Organize events for students of Academy (the launch and graduation in Lviv office)

Academy takes place once a year, and though the preparation requires up to 6 super-intense months, there will still be periods throughout the year when work on Academy will not require all of your time. For times like this, there will always be opportunities to take on other projects and activities (in event management, copywriting, HR marketing, project management, etc.). We’ll decide together where to focus your attention depending on your talents and company priorities.

A good candidate is:

• An implementer. Generating ideas is cool, but you have to be ready to turn them into actions and organize work that needs to be done. What is also important here is a huge attention to details and endless desire to improve processes, operations, and everything around you.
• A mature person and team player. You will work with lots of people whom you will need to lead and encourage, and you will require lots of help from them in achieving your work goals. That will require your best communicational and personal skills, maturity and cooperativeness.
• Driven by big goals and is ready to work hard to achieve them. There can hardly be a task to which you can say “it’s not in my job description”.

It’s ok to feel a little bit scared about such a challenge, but you have to be 100% certain that you will do whatever it takes to make it happen, and to make Ukrainian IT Harvard happen.

Nice if you are:
• A good public speaker. We don’t mind if you are not there yet, but willingness and readiness to master this skill is a must.
• Good at networking. You love meeting new people and keeping in touch with them
• Experienced in SMM/Marketing/Recruitment

We would prefer candidates with at least 2 years of previous experience (preferably in IT) and a strong track record in managing and delivering various projects.

What we offer:

• A meaningful purpose at work — you will be leading a unique, free educational project that changes people’s lives.
• Endless opportunities for professional growth, you will build a very strong T-Shape set of competencies in a wide range of areas (from marketing and project management to design and behavioural psychology).
• An inspiring and friendly team who does great work and has a lot of fun together
• A competitive salary

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