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19 січня 2022

Middle React Native Developer (вакансія неактивна)


Project Description:

We are looking for a React Native Developer to join our team to develop an application that digitizes and organizes photographs, documents, videos, stories and more, enabling beautiful storytelling and private sharing among family and friends. This is the world’s first private, multi-generational smart home family console to offer carefully-selected communication and organizational services. It preserves legacies, shares life’s major events, organizes activities and helps accomplish day-to-day tasks in a secure environment where you have full control over your private information.

Required skills:

• 2+ years of mobile development;

• Strong experience with React Native;

• Strong Typescript / JavaScript experience;

• Redux/MobX;

• Writing tests;

• Working knowledge of Git;

• Experience testing & debugging issues on iOS & Android applications.

As a plus:

• Experience with third-party services with AI/ML functionality (MonkeyLearn, AWS recognition services, IBM Watson, Tesseract (OCR)).


• Design, develop and maintain multiple React Native apps (iOS, Android);

• Manage the release of applications in various app stores;

• Share and promote your ideas towards the improvement of the products and the business.

About Binary Studio

Binary Studio is a software development company engineering world-class software for small and medium-sized enterprises. We create advanced business solutions to help our clients increase their income, make their internal work processes more comfortable and bring value to millions of users all over the world.

3 main facts you should know about Binary Studio:

1. Self-development is a really big deal for us.
Here at Binary Studio we put a lot of effort in self-development and education. Every year we conduct various educational activities: technical lectures (it could be a series of lectures about Kotlin, Kubernetes or Web Optimization), online tech talks in Zoom, etc. We also conduct our own free IT courses, having one of the highest competition rates in Ukraine — in 2021 we had 5700 (!) applicants and only 170 were admitted. Furthermore, each Binarian can count on an educational budget they can spend on attending external meetups and courses.

2. We have demanding requirements to every incoming project.
Before we start working with a client, we carefully analyse the project details and define if they match our expectations: whether the code quality is ok, if the client is ready for long-term cooperation, if the project has world-class potential and if we can expect challenging tasks for our developers. As a result, we proceed with only ~8 of 20-25 incoming projects.

3. Comfort of each Binarian is very important for us.
We strive to build long-term cooperation with our people, therefore we put lots of resources into creating a comfortable work environment within our company. We conduct 1-1s and performance reviews on a regular basis. In addition, there should be a balance between work and fun. And there is a lo-o-ot of fun within Binary Studio :) You can pick whatever you like: a backpacking trip across the mountains or exquisite Company Birthday party, board games night or auto quest around the city.