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19 січня 2022

Content Writer (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, Львів, за кордоном, віддалено

Imagine if your work consisted of being a true investigator, who conducts research on different topics, constantly explores numerous technology novelties and maneuvers between various knowledge areas every day. From business — to marketing. From the technical stuff — to sales. And the main point of your job would be to create content.

Of course, as a result, we’re expecting to increase the organic traffic on our corporate website and improve Binary Studio’s brand awareness level among relevant leads from different countries (Western Europe, USA, Great Britain, etc.).

But we are definitely not searching for a person who will just waffle around and write worthless texts just to increase the traffic and nothing more. We are interested in high-quality materials on non-trivial subjects, where each thought is reconciled, relevant, and appropriate.

Your responsibilities will include, mostly, working with text. For instance:

  • Writing articles and blog posts on different business-related topics from scratch.
  • Making in-depth researches on different business-related topics in order to make your texts more informative and competent.
  • Reviewing technical posts and articles, written by our engineers, in order to ensure each text is written correctly and coherently.
  • Cooperating with our clients in order to create informative and detailed case studies.
  • Helping out with social media posts (not more than 20% of your working time)

Why is this position unique?

  • This is an opportunity to join a super-professional and passionate sales and marketing team. You will work in collaboration with true industry leaders who have years of magnificent experience in sales, marketing, and brand management.
  • We are proud of the community of engineers we gathered in our team — not only because they have one of the deepest technical expertise in .NET, JS, and other popular technologies (you might be interested to know that in 2021 we achieved top-15 of Ukraine Custom Development Companies on But equally important is that our devs are very proactive and will eagerly share their experience by writing engaging technical articles and developing our corporate blog with you.
  • You will be provided with endless opportunities for self-improvement and professional development. Our “student always” attitude is one of our most important values, thus we offer PDP plans, educational budget and organize around 30 internal educational events per year.
  • This position may become your boost to develop further within the IT field — if you are interested in obtaining a position of Sales or Digital Marketing Manager in the future, we will eagerly help you hone your skills in one of these directions.

Talents and skills you will bring into our team:

  • An advanced level of English
  • Analytical mindset — we expect you to be able to do research on different topics, sometimes on those which you are not familiar with.
  • Deep interest in working with text and excellent copywriting skills — we expect your texts to be thoughtful, engaging, and specific.
  • Great interpersonal skills — you will be responsible for creating case studies for our page, thus you will need to cooperate closely with our PMs, devs, and clients, in order to gain more interesting information about the projects we work on.
  • Familiarity with the tech field, like startups, marketing and business.

Sounds intriguing? Want to know what’s next?

Just send us your CV and 2-3 samples of your articles to [email protected] We will check everything out and then arrange a call with you, in order to discuss everything in more detail.