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Binary Studio is a custom software development agency with a focus on long-term projects. We leverage exceptional Ukrainian engineering talent to build world class solutions for tech companies.
1 октября 2019

English Teacher (вакансия неактивна)


“Good teachers teach, great teachers inspire.”
If you feel that you are the one who can inspire, then you are warmly welcome to join our friendly team!

We are currently looking for a passionate English teacher with his/her own approach to teaching and sharing knowledge with people who want to learn.

Allow us to introduce ourselves:
Binary Studio is a Ukrainian IT company with 55+ world-class (no joke!) developers and other specialists. We like to challenge ourselves and we devote lots of attention to professional and personal development, striving for excellence in every domain. Hence, we are having English classes not because it’s trendy or because it’s a must-have in an IT company. We are having them because we have inspired and highly motivated people who need guidance in mastering their English. We aspire to find a person who will put his/her heart into keeping our guys eager-beavers and will get Binary Studio’s English to the next level!

You will like this opportunity if you can:
• Be creative and proactive!
• Use not only well known approaches, but also different materials, resources, a combination of different techniques and practices in order to make students really interested, motivated and involved.
• Vary classes, make them interesting and entertaining. Once every 2 weeks (minimum) work with video materials: TED talks, coursera videos, etc.
• Produce handouts and other visual materials of lexical and grammatical content when appropriate (grammar tables, posters on the walls, etc).
• Check hometasks before the class, not during the class (relates to writing tasks, exercises) and provide regular feedback plus progress statistics.
• Prepare extensive tests to assess the progress of students once per 6 months.
• Provide feedback via one-on-one sessions with each student once per quarter to make sure the student is aware of his\her strong\weak points, understands his\her progress and knows what should be improved.
• Prepare students for interviews with customers, when required.

Here are a few things we’ll really need our English teacher to have:
• At least 2 years of teaching experience (from Pre-Intermediate level students to Advanced).
• Master’s degree in Philology, Translation Studies or similar.
• TOEFL, CPI, CAE certificates would be a big plus.
• 100% into English and 100% into teaching. 100500% into teaching English.
• Availability to conduct classes for 5 groups (8-ish students in each) at least 3 days a week (approximately from 9.00 am till 12.00 noon), though we might be able to provide flexibility if we spot a great match.

What you can expect from us:
• Inspiring and friendly students who are very eager to learn!
• Long-term cooperation.
• Competitive salary.
• Freedom and support in developing your ideas and the best teaching approach for our employees.
• Warm invites to join our extracurricular activities whenever you have the time and desire (teambuilding events, corporate parties, Friday get-togethers and even Eurotrips).

In case you feel like all the listed above makes sense to you and you are ready to take on a new challenging opportunity with Binary Studio, please, feel free to apply!