Python conf in Kharkiv, Nov 16 with Intel, Elastic engineering leaders. Prices go up 21.10

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Bilberrry is a startup studio founded in Seattle. We are partnering with entrepreneurs to deliver SaaS products and building new products for enterprises.

Bilberrry follows outsharing as our business model and philosophy. We are always taking technical ownership and helping with business strategy to deliver the best products utilizing 10 years of expertise on a tech scene.

Our team is under 30 people and we prefer to stay small, effective and involved. Spread between two offices in Seattle, WA and Kyiv, Ukraine.

We are proud to be part of Blueprint company starting from raising investment round and coming all the way through a successful acquisition by DavidsBridal — biggest retail player in a wedding space. is a custom eCommerce platform and Website Builder built on the latest React framework, PHP 7 REST API and multiple Python, Golang and Node.js microservices.

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