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ИТ компания Би.Ти.9 (Software and Hardware) предоставляет услугу по мониторингу температурного режима цепи. Это платформа отслеживания цепочки поставок Xsense ® предлагает комплексное решение для мониторинга транспортировки скоропортящихся продуктов, для отраслей, где отходы пищевых продуктов составляют десятки миллиардов долларов.
14 августа 2019

Embedded software developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

R&D division оf product IT company is looking for an Embedded software developer.
Requirements for a candidate:
— knowledge and understanding of different processor architectures and microcontroller peripherals;
— bare metal C and assemblers;
— understanding and ability to develop code on the basis of both polling and event-driven;
— understanding and ability to develop code for long-running battery-powered systems;
— understanding of the principles of operation of common sensors and interfaces with them;
— experience with common wireless networks and interfaces;
— culture of documenting code;
— the ability to self-study and learning in a team. — reading of technical documentation in English . Readiness for the interview in English.

Будет плюсом

Foreign language skills


The company guarantees: Employment according to the legislation of Ukraine. Full-time. Salary based on interview results. The company guarantees timely payment of salary.


Development of modern telemetry and telemechanic systems (IoT, Industry 4.0)

О проекте

BT9’s Xsense® system is one of the leaders in providing a holistic approach to cold chain management. It proactively monitors, analyzes and disseminates relevant quality data and recommendations throughout the entire cold chain. It provides visibility for all cold chain stakeholders into the conditions in which perishable products are being stored and transported —from the producer to the store shelf.

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