BETER is an impetuous product company (now there are 350 of us, and over the past year we have grown by 200+ people). We create beterable competition content based on real sports matches & analytical data. The comprehensive selection of high-quality competition content combined with accurate data-driven analytics.
22 вересня 2022

Senior DevOps


Product company BETER is looking for DevOps for the development and implementation of an IT infrastructure in which the company’s software products run.
If you are passionate about building solid IT infrastructures, conducting technical R&D, implementing and improving DevOps practices in a company, this position is definitely for you.
The company has a technical department, so this position is not about the administration of hardware and networks but about a more applied level.

Important for the position:
— Linux administration experience;
— Experience with Docker, tuning performance and fault tolerance of hosts;
— Experience with monitoring tools: ELK, Prometheus, Grafana;
— Experience in deploying and operating CI/CD;
— Interest in improving existing solutions and developing new, search for growth points;
— Desire to share knowledge with engineers and be able to convey it.

Will be a plus:
— Experience with Kubernetes in production;
— Experience with mass infrastructure management tools: Ansible, Terraform;
— Experience in AWS;
— Development experience in any programming language.

What you’ll do:
— Automate actions performed more than once;
— Deploy, configure and maintain the operation of infrastructure elements;
— R&D of new tools and approaches, their pros and cons to improve existing DevOps practices;
— Implementation and maintenance of good software development, deployment and monitoring practices. For example, standardization of artifacts, CI/CD steps, ways to collect and visualize metrics;
— Help in finding bottlenecks and performance problems, profiling database queries or message brokers;
— Analysis of infrastructure risks, development and implementation of solutions for their mitigation.

How our teams work:
— We use several technology stacks: .net core, php, node.js, python;
— All this stuff is packaged in Docker and lives in AWS (for now, on separate hosts, we are moving towards Kubernetes);
— MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB for storage; S3 for archives;
— ELK for logs;
— Prometheus for metrics;
— Clusters from Memcached and Redis, Aerospike for caching;
— Kafka for message transport;
— GitLab for repositories and CI / CD in Docker on spot instances, Nexus for images;
— Development teams are cross-functional and focused on their goals, while DevOps is focused on infrastructure and standardization;
— No bureaucracy, easy and effective communication with the management team;
— We make decisions quickly.

We offer:
— High and timely payment for services;
— Flexible work schedule;
— 100% paid sick leave;
— 20 working days of paid vacation;
— Paternity leave;
— Office near the Klovska metro station or full remote.