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The company BSG is an international mobile virtual operator. We operate globally and provide competitive pricing because we have been doing this since 2007 and have built a robust omnichannel system with a focus on SMS messaging.

Our Products:
+ Bulk SMS messaging with awesome customization
+ Streaming HLR to the registration form on your website allows you to exclude the possibility of entering a non-existent phone number for the user
+ Bulk Viber messaging to contact your customers in their favorite messenger
+ ShortURL for cost-saving short links in your SMS

Extra offers:
+ API and free tech support for quick integration with your CRM system
+ Convenient prices for personalized bulk SMS / Viber-messaging, we have discounts for extensive campaigns
+ An omnichannel platform for SMS / Viber messaging
+ Complete transparency in analytics: reports and messaging statistics are available in real-time
+ Financial reports, detailed reports by country and operator to analyze messaging conversions
+ Technical support 24/7/365.

Briefly about BSG.World:
+ Licensed telecommunication service provider in Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, and Denmark
+ Licensed virtual provider in Sweden
+ 6 offices (Ukraine, Russia, USA, Hong Kong, Estonia, United Arab Emirates)
+ A number of additional services related to SMS messaging
+ We work worldwide directly with 1800+ mobile operators from 200+ countries.

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