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Benamix is a software development company. We work with clients and create own products. Since 2012 we have successfully finished more than 200+ projects and keep developing as a company.

What we do:
◾ Software solutions (Web, Mobile, Blockchain, E-commerce, Machine Learning, Big Data)
◾ Marketing services (Design, UI/UX, Branding, SEO, SMM, PPC, etc.)
◾ Business Analysis
◾ Management (BA, PM, R&D)

We use:
◾ JS, Angular, React for Front-End development
◾ .NET, Node JS, and PHP for Back-End development
◾ Xamarin and React Native for Mobile Development
◾ Solidity, C#, and C++ for Blockchain

Our team

We have a 40+ team-members, who are professionals and great individuals. We can write a long and wonderful story about each of them, but words can’t tell everything.
And, we are expanding our team up to 60 members — so if you were looking for a special sign, here it is.

Values of Benamix

What do our team members say about Benamix?
◾ we are a small and cozy company, where everyone has a valuable place
◾ we grow and like to be successful at what we do
◾ we always study and support each other
◾ we know what the balance is — so we work and know how to have fun

Our main priorities are proficiency, team, and attitude.

What about proficiency? We are working on our skills to become better, we love to study and try new things.

Team — we are different but we complement each other and share the same values. We do sports, like to play board games, have fun and do other staff. Sounds simple, but...why invent a bicycle when we can just enjoy each other’s company?

And last but not the least, attitude — we are open to suggestions, ideas, thoughts and anything else that can make the process better.

What do we offer?
◾ corporate lunches and cookies, coffee and yogurts)
◾ standard working schedule
◾ office in the city center
◾ corporate English classes
◾ of course, team buildings
◾ and a big space for implementing your ideas
◾ flexible choice of paid time

Want to join us? See the vacancy page — we are always happy to welcome a great specialist on board.

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