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Base B was formed in order to give outstanding software engineers in Ukraine the opportunity to work as part of the global technology organizations. Our multinational clients need your help in order to continue their growth.

At Base B, our business model is based on a partnership that involves prompt, thorough customer service, trust, and the ability to directly influence the customer’s business.

We are looking for results-oriented, skilled, professionals, with experience in building products and bringing them to market.

You will be working in our premium full-service office space*, equipped with everything needed for maximum productivity. Our centrally located hub features 24-7 security and an open-air terrace and green area. Most importantly, the amazing people that work in our hub create a friendly and inspiring atmosphere, while also encouraging the productive workflow we know you value.

By joining Base B, you will be able to improve your qualifications and your professional skills, by working directly with the customer, suggesting and participating in the decision-making process, achieving tangible results, and providing your ideas.

(*Alternative arrangements, such as home-working, apply, as per government guidelines, while special measures are being taken during the coronavirus pandemic.)