We are a small team from Eastern Europe that has been operating for more than 5 years on the world market. We help clients develop useful products, supporting in creating intuitive and attractive mobile and web application interfaces for customers, as well as promotional materials for marketing and advertising campaigns.
19 июля 2021

Node.js developer (вакансия неактивна)

Кропивницкий $600–1200

Необходимые навыки


— Basic knowledge of Node.JS: ES6, Eventlisteners, Promises, Async\Await syntax, Classes, Streams
— JS Util: Typescript (Basic knowledge is mandatory), ESLint, Babel knowledge would be a plus
— DB: MongoDB (Basic knowledge), SQL Without context (Create, Select, Insert, Update, Join, Foreign Keys, Indexes), Redis\Memcached would be a plus
— Libs: Express, NestJS would be a plus, Typeorm\Sequelize or any other relevant popular ORM solution, Mongoose (Basics), Testing (Jest, Jasmine)
— Git: Commit, Checkout, Rebase, Merge, Cherry-pick, Diff, Revert\Reset
— English: Spoken\Writen A2 or higher


— Competitive salary
— Flexible schedule
— Everything that is required to ensure efficient and productive work
— Broad space for professional and personal development, learning new things
— Professional and personal development;
— Comfortable working environment;
— Personal plan of growth (system of grades);
— Compensation for attending technical conferences and courses, and enhance your learnings;
— Other goodies and care about every employee.


— Deep knowledge in NodeJS API design and project structure;
— Collaborate with a front-end team and other NodeJS developers to integrate workflow and product;
— Full understanding of modern web-servers standards;
— Contribute to the creation of incredible, overall company culture.
— Support team processes and participation in team code review/discussions/modeling;
— Communication with customers team.