About Awesomic: Awesomic is backed by Michael Siebel, Jarred Friedman, Pioneer Fund, Y Combinator, as well as 12+ YC alumni angel investors, and founders of unicorns like Pipedrive, and Fitbit. Our startup has organically grown to a multimillion $$ recurring business in less than 18 months being profitable.
19 березня 2022

PHP Fullstack Developer REMOTE (вакансія неактивна)


Yo Yo Yo

Working with Awesomic you’ll get true fast-growing startup experience. You’ll be able to make decisions in UI/UX, architecture, feature development. You can work anywhere (we just ask for a few hours overlap during the day). You’ll be exclusively invited to regular cool parties with 100% transfer & hotel coverage. You’ll work in fast development 1-week sprints with your teammates (Product Manager, Product Designer, Developers).

That’s a great opportunity to start in a promising well-funded startup and be able to grow as an engineer or manager. Apply today!

You’ll work with PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Bootstrap-based front-end.

In Awesomic we always follow top-notch development standards (PSR-4, Git Flow, Agile, CI/CD, well-commented code).

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Improving the Awesomic unique matching algorithm helps select the most suitable design.
  • Developing new features and tools and improving old ones. Work on any feature will start from thinking through the specification and finish with a release to the platform.
  • Devise efficient database architectures.
  • Prepare automated tests & documentation
  • Ensure code quality through code reviews.
  • Testing your features and testing features of comrades.
  • Proactive position in solution development, processes improvements.

What is Awesomic?

Awesomic started in 2020 and in one year grows to 80+ people, 1000+ customers. Awesomic raised $2m investments and backed by Y Combinator and successful entrepreneurs. The core of the product — is a PHP application that has project management and social network features.

At Awesomic:

  • You will work in 70% with backend, 15% with frontend, and 15% other tasks and team collaboration.
  • American style of the product development: the decision-making process will be at your mercy.
  • Managers with a tech background — so you will be on the same page with the team.
  • You’ll join the community of one-goal-driven people who love what they do and are ready to change the game with innovative decisions.
  • You will be surrounded by creativity in all its manifestations daily. Plus, funny memes are welcomed very much in work chats — so your business days will be fun :)
  • You’ll have an opportunity to positively influence the processes personally if you see the ways for improvements. You’ll be able to build the company’s history together with the core team — one of the most significant values of working in a startup. You’ll be heard! :)
  • You’ll get unlimited opportunities to develop as a professional. Many challenging and exciting cases are waiting to be solved by you!

We’ll be glad to meet you if:

  • Knowledge of MVC Framework.
  • You have good soft skills — we will build a friendly and professional communication.
  • You have an experience working in a startup environment or developing the product.
  • Love to deal with the challenges and immerse yourself in developing new solutions.
  • You love to automate everything — in personal and work businesses :)
  • Know how to justify your decisions.
  • You are responsible and persistent.
  • You enjoy working in a team and ready to help your teammates.
  • You are organized and able to multitask.

So, let’s get acquainted if you love to create new features and are looking for a place where you can express yourself 100%!

  1. History of Awesomic — telegraf.design/uber-dlya-dyzajneriv-yak-pratsyuye-dodatok-awesomic
  2. Acceleration at Y-Combinator forbes.ua/...​investitsiy-29072021-2159
  3. How Awesomic works — www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPKYnGNEHjY&t=3s