Awesomic (ex-Pizdata) is a web app to get design tasks done. What Is Awesomic? Awesomic matches companies with vetted designers on the same day for a flat monthly fee. You simply sign up for the platform, create a task, and get a result in 24 hours. We’ve collaborated with more than 550+ companies, agencies, and startups worldwide.
22 ноября 2021

Graphic Designer — REMOTE


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About our person:
If you feel our spirit as your second skin, precisely:
— To work with the world’s best companies;
— To help make the world a better (and prettier) place every day;
— To perform great designs for incredible projects;
— To feel colleagues’ support daily;
— To develop the design community and share knowledge,
— We look forward to seeing your CV and portfolio.


How we work:
— AI algorithm connects clients and designers who are the best fit, and customer success helps you get the most out of Awesomic;
— Onboarding Buddy for all the newbies;
— Daily updates on tasks;
— On the platform, you work and communicate in English;
— Twice a week we have design review calls to discuss your work and current challenges with the design community;
— If there is overtime, Awesomic pays for it;
— Sick pay from day one (hope you’ll never need it, but everything can happen in this crazy world).


A person we are looking for has:
— Experience in creating Presentations and/or Branding will be a big plus;
— Experience with vector graphics;
— Excellent knowledge of common tools like Adobe Photoshop, XD, Illustrator, Figma;
— Knowledge of modern tendencies in design;
— Ability to adapt fast and work on several projects at one time.

— English is not scaring you. A cover letter is the best way to show your writing;
— Discipline believer, not inspiration waiter;
— Organized enough to deliver on time. So you do what you promised;
— Agile enough to switch between being efficient and perfectionist;
— Create a design with love for your job :)

О проекте — web app to get a design done in 24h.
We created a platform for companies to match their design tasks with the best-fit designer for the job — like Uber for design.

At Awesomic you will work and develop the Product in a very fast-growing Startup.
The first investors of Unicorns, such as Bolt, Mirovand Pipedrive have already invested in Awesomic.
Awesomic Clients are Reface,, Lift99, SilviaTerra, Y Combinator startups, VC funds, and more.

Awesomic is on the rise: in May, we launched on ProductHunt, and doubled in a week; after that, we joined YCombinator Summer ’21 batch, improved the platform, and grew again; recently, we launched on HackerNews — and we need more designers to work with TOP world’s companies.

Your time, punctuality, and efforts mean a lot, so we pay for test tasks handed in on time. To get one, send your resume and portfolio through the form below.