AVU SA is one of Europe’s leading fine wine merchants and one of the largest stockholders of fine wines. With over 600’000 bottles of the world’s finest labels, coming from the most prestigious wine regions, like Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Tuscany, Piedmont, as well as from the New World, like Napa Valley, and Barossa Valley...just think about the rarest wines and vintages, or even special large formats, we probably have it. We focus on the very best and even if we are able to offer wines starting from Eur 20 — Our average selling price is one of the highest in the industry at EUR 150 per bottle.

AVU is the venture of a successful young serial entrepreneur who founded and managed important companies before, IT was always crucial for his companies where he made important investments, as he believes nowadays technology is a must for any company.

We believe that technology is a vital enhancement for any business nowadays. That’s why we are investing in the tech ecosystem to boost our own business. Our roadmap includes implementing Microsoft ERP, smart AI data analytics tools, modern e-commerce website, and many more exciting projects.

Regardless of whether you are a tech superstar or an ambitious passionate guy/girl in the initial career stage — feel free to mail us if you have a desire to join our cool team :)