Avocado Technology

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Avocado Technology is an international company with a specialization in React / React Native.

We expect you to flex your skills, learn quickly, and stretch into bigger responsibilities as you will be able to have great ownership over the product and engineering. Make architecture decisions not just fix bugs and random issues.

Our sales offices are based in Dubai, Geneva, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Orlando — so you will be working with international customers and projects from all over the world.

What you will achieve with us:

▸ Become a part of a young and vibrant company that strives to be the experts at the bleeding edge rather than be yet another dev shop that just churns out stuff
▸ Learn from the best people and practices in silicon valley and upgrade technical skills
▸ Pursue open source projects that are interesting and build a personal reputation in the community
▸ Develop extremely valuable full stack skills (mobile, web, server, microservices)
▸ Opportunity to grow into technical leadership roles and manage a team of other developers over time

P.S. You’re a passionate JavaScript Developer, but have no experience with React Native? Or a Senior React Developer with a couple of years of working experience? We’re always looking for new talents of all levels. Reach out, let’s talk!