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Веллінгтон (Нова Зеландія)

Aviarc is a Wellington based startup; we’ve created an online design,
prototype, test, and run platform for creating any web application for
any device. We built Aviarc because we believe the current process of
software development is outdated in a world where the user experience
can be the difference between success and failure; our platform and
tooling unites designers and developers in the prototype process, then
eliminates the wasteful rework, so the focus is on building
applications users will love to use. Our unique approach uses advanced
technologies and techniques not available elsewhere, so our customers
can design and compose web-applications in the friendliest (and most
changeable) manner possible. You will be someone who does not shy away
from the hard problems, you will be fascinated by the power of new
technologies and techniques, looking for ways to incorporate them in
our next-gen platform.