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11 червня 2024

Lead Generation Manager (e-mail and Linkedin)

віддалено $400–800

We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled Lead Generation Manager to join our sales team. The primary goal of this role is to initiate and nurture relationships with cold leads, leveraging strategic communication and persuasive follow-up techniques to convert potential clients into active ones. This position requires a proactive approach, excellent communication skills, and the ability to craft compelling messages that resonate with our ICP (Idea Customers Profile).

Flexible 8-hour working day. You will regulate your own work schedule. The main thing is to work full time for 8 hours a day and fulfill the set KPIs.

Key Responsibilities

— Develop and implement effective lead generation strategies to identify and engage with cold leads via email and Linkedin.
— Craft personalized follow-up communications to nurture leads through the sales funnel.
— Collaborate with the sales to refine messaging and approach based on feedback and results.
— Analyze and report on the effectiveness of lead generation activities, making data-driven recommendations for improvement.
— Stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices in lead generation and sales strategies.
— Active usage of ChatGPT for making the process much more effective.
— Track your activities in CRM on a daily basis.

Required Skills and Qualifications

— Proven experience in lead generation, sales, or a similar role, with a focus on cold outreach (experience in copywriting will also be a huge plus).
— Strong written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to create compelling and persuasive messages.
— Familiarity with CRM software and lead tracking tools.
— Ability to analyze data and metrics to guide strategy.
— Level of written English (intermediate or upper intermediate)
— This individual should possess strong analytical skills and feel comfortable analyzing information for utilization.


— 60 follow-up messages to cold leads/day (1 follow-up message/6 minutes). For this you can use examples of messages from instruction, ChatGPT, and previous context).
— Personalized social interactions(comments) 20 per day.
— Set up at least 5 calls/month.
— Reply rate on your messages more than 10%.

Your performance will depend on several activities you’ve done (number of messages sent) and the number of leads converted into calls, which is your end goal.


The base is $400, which will be paid based on your completed KPIs: 60 messages/day and 20 social interactions/day, which is obligatory and not hard to complete if you follow the process.

Bonuses : each booked call is $70, the goal is to set up at least 5 calls/month.

Personal Skills

— A high level of patience and persistence, as this person is supposed to do a lot of manual and routine work.
— Attentive to details and capable of analyzing information.
— A proactive, self-starter attitude with the ability to work independently.
— Creativity in developing targeted, effective communication strategies.
— Interest in being in 1 position and feel comfortable about this.
— Readiness to learn and follow the process properly and stick to it.
— Humble person.