AutoMobile Technologies

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AutoMobile Technologies (AMT) was founded in 2006 to help dealerships and reconditioning companies automate their paper-based systems to improve customer service while increasing revenue and reducing operational inefficiencies. While AMT began operations with just one customer managing a few hundred technicians, today nearly 8,000 technicians rely on our work order management software in their daily operations as they repair more than 40,000 vehicles each day.

AMT’s flagship product, Repair360™, is a complete reconditioning management system, which reduces administrative and workflow complexity throughout the vehicle repair process. Other AMT products are used for estimating and invoicing, managing used car reconditioning workflow, as well as to keep track of vehicle condition reporting.

AMT customers are comprised of an array of automotive company types and sizes, from large dealership networks and rental car companies to comprehensive auto reconditioners, paintless dent repair (PDR) providers, and detailers. AMT’s technology helps the customers replace paperwork, enforce processes, and gain instant visibility into business operations regardless of team size and geographic distribution.

Since February 2022, AMT belongs to the Repairify family. Repairify™, Inc., and its family of brands empower the automotive repair industry to master today’s modern, data-intensive vehicles. By providing revolutionary OEM tool and validated OEM-compatible technology, services, and intelligence, Repairify helps automotive professionals run better businesses through improved diagnostics, calibration, programming, and workflow. Repairify’s brands are committed to vehicle and driver safety by providing repairers with excellent service supported by the highest quality and precision tools, technology, and data.