16 марта 2021

Customer and UX research manager (вакансия неактивна)

Одесса от $800

Необходимые навыки

• Specialist in marketing research and/or UX research
• Able to design, moderate, and manage quantitative, qualitative research
• Can practically apply frequency, cluster, factor, regression and other types of analysis during quantitative research
• Can write scripts and questions for in-depth interviews, and has experience conducting and analyzing qualitative research
• Can present the results of the analysis in a clear, accessible language
• Is familiar with or has used CJM in practice
• Is familiar with or has used the JTBD tool
• Familiar with or using the Service Blue Print tool
• Be open to new ideas
• Understand the principles of working in cross-functional teams
• Don’t be afraid and express their opinions in a reasoned way
• Be able to plan daily schedule at work
• Be aware of trends in UX research and be able to apply them in practice
• Have experience in implementing research projects at team and company level
• Software: Excel, SPSS, Qualtrics, Statista, Power point, Miro, UXPressia.

Будет плюсом

Additional courses:
• Data scientist
• Data engineer
• Sociology
• Political Science
• Quantitative/qualitative research
• Marketing Research
• UX research.


🧑‍💻 Participation in a large-scale European project with advanced software
🚀 Ability to improve your soft and hard skills in the international professional environment
🚗 Unique experience of working with millions of car enthusiasts
💡 Opportunities for professional growth: free external and internal professional training courses and certifications, paid language classes
🌴 20 paid vacation days, 3 days off, national holidays, and unlimited sick leave
🎉 Friendly team buildings, cool corporate events with the opportunity to win AirPods, iPhones, a trip abroad, and many other gifts
🧘 Corporate wellness activities
🎁 Corporate gifts on the first working day, birthday, anniversary of work, birth of a child
💳 AUTODOC discount program
📚 Offline office library


• Quantitative and qualitative research design on demand
• Conducting and managing UX research
• Launching research by any existing means website, call center, mailing lists, etc.
• Processing of research, description of conclusions, etc.
• Collecting data on user behavior
• Organizing and conducting usability studies
• Prototyping and hypothesis testing of the products implemented by AUTODOC
• Communicating and presenting the results in an engaging and accessible way to the business owners so that they can be used effectively in product development
• Implementing customer metrics measurement on assigned projects
• Controlling and monitoring customer metrics on assigned projects
• Conducting internal research in the company.

О проекте

Want to gain invaluable experience and become part of a large international team? Join AUTODOC!
We are a team of more than 4,000 specialists from Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, and Russia. We love cars and everything related to them, and we work in e-commerce. In 2008, our team started the business with several dozen parts positions, and today we sell about 3.7 million products for 166 car brands. We are real friends with clients from 27 EU and EEA countries. As of 2020, our customer base has reached 5.3 million active B2C and B2B clients.
We are dedicated to working, and so we expect our revenue to exceed €830 million. It is not surprising that the company has been profitable on EBITDA and net income level, and the business has been cash flow positive on a debt-free basis for several years in a row. Each of us can confidently say that working at AUTODOC has become one of the turning points in life. We are always open to interesting people with a decent background who are ready to teach and learn.
Send us your CV, and maybe AUTODOC will happen in your life, too!