Augmented Pixels

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Київ, Харків, Львів, Дніпро, Одеса, Пало-Альто (США)

Augmented Pixels — a leader in precise 3D geolocation with the next generation of 3D maps crowdsourcing, on-cloud localization and AR navigation products on board.

Proprietary technologies:

— Real-time mono/stereo SLAM SDK with sensor fusion (Replacement of AR Kit / AR Core);

— Navigation SDK (3D Maps crowdsourcing, on-cloud localization, etc.).


— CorpMap.AI. B2B solution for facility management and indoor logistics optimization, which utilize SLAM SDK and Navigation SDK to solve end-business use cases;

— GlobalMap.AI. B2C solution for 3D maps crowdsourcing, which helps to create a ‘digital twin’ of Planet Earth, city or building with the lowest costs using unskilled workers like couriers, cleaners etc.