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О компании

Atlas IAC is a software product company. We develop the modern innovation product that meets European Standards.

Our mission is creating a product industry haven’t seen yet, a product on which we would like to work ourselves. The priority of our company is product quality, speed of deployment, honesty towards our customers.

Our values are:
• Respect for each other, for their partners and customers
• Work as a single entity. Growth both in the professional sphere and personal interests, maintaining balance in life.
We are a company of People.

What we create:
• Sportbooks Platform, which is based on kits that allows you to quickly adapt/customize the platform for any requirements and markets of operation.
• CRM — To describe CRM marketing usually use incomprehensible language as if it were a hadron collider. In fact, this is just a smart program. By automating processes, it helps to build a dialogue with the client and prevent mistakes in the work.
• RMT + Antifraud — The essence of this system is simple and consists in maximally fast and categorizing players by game and near game attributes, in order to influence the client through the internal mechanisms of the system, in order to prevent losses from intruders, and also to create the most comfortable conditions of the game to good customers. This system works in conjunction with the Antifraud system, which will allow to predict the future behavior of the client, and as a result, the conditions of the game that will be assigned to him.

Join US. And together we IMAGINE.ACT.CREATE..

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