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We are a EU software development company.
Our teams develop and automate solutions for all areas of Sportsbook operations worldwide.

Based on in-house built proprietary core Platform and its components (Sportsbook, CRM, Risk Management, Antifraud, Bonus engine and Retail software suite), we create the pioneering solutions that allow to automate work of thousands of employees in each department to maximize the profit and increase quality of product.

Managed by a team of industry professionals from business side (each of them with 8+ years of C-level positions experience in huge recognisable international brands) and very strong IT leaders from development, we revolutionise the technologies in Sportsbook operation.
In Atlas we value each of our members and give them maximum freedom regarding ideas and creativity that is the driving force of our Agile Company.

Atlas IAC philosophy is “Imagine-Act-Create” so everybody on each level in the company — from famous Vegas and Silicon Valley investors till the junior development members, shares the philosophy of equity and open philosophy to share an ideas and benefit from company growth together, learn from each other and progress.

We are looking for people with the same vision who want to grow together and create something revolutionary, the products to be proud of.

We are looking for experienced professionals to join our various teams working remotely.

You will be working on the development of existing components of the In-House built Platform (Sportsbook, CRM, Risk Management, Antifraud, Bonus engine, and Retail software suite), and the creation of new customer-oriented modules. Our development philosophy consists of 3 main ideas:

— Automation. We create pioneering products and components, so we encourage proactive thinking, and are proud of building something revolutionary and new)
— Maximum flexibility. Working for huge clients around the world, we have to be ready for the highest levels of customisation and personalisation of our products for each markets. We put this flexibility into the platform design.
— Performance. Our product is developed for companies with millions of customers, and huge requirements in high-load, real-time operation)

What we offer:
✔ A real opportunity for professional growth and self-improvement in a team of professionals
✔ Competitive salary
✔Amazing team of business professionals
✔Challenging and exciting tasks, and all the needed tools to achieve them
✔Opportunity to attend international professional events (conferences and expos in London, Vegas, Macau, Johannesburg and other locations) financed by the company
✔Comprehensive medical insurance
✔Benefit cafeteria
✔A professional and friendly team of like-minded people
✔Ability to focus on your work — lack of bureaucracy and micromanagement
✔Modern stack of technologies
✔Working with microservices (over 30 services today)

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