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до 20 специалистов

Atiim™ (i.e. A-team) is an enterprise goals & continuous performance management platform. We’re trusted by high-performance organizations globally to get everyone aligned to the top strategic goals and to manage the ongoing performance of the organization. These companies use Atiim to transform how they achieve maximum performance and stellar results.

We are an innovative leader in the Enterprise Goals Management & Ongoing Performance Management market and we developed a breakthrough SaaS platform for companies to easily set and manage company-wide goals with cross-functional alignment and analytical data insights for managing teams in a data-driven manner. In 2015 Atiim invented an industry-first 2-in-1 unified and integrated “Ongoing Performance & Agile Goals Management” product which combines the two products into one single SaaS platform called Atiim Pulse OKR™. The goals platform developed by Atiim is rooted in Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and it helps high-performance companies set clear goals, improve internal alignment, focus on what truly matters, and ultimately achieve better results.