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11 грудня 2018

System Developer (Dubai, UAE) (вакансія неактивна)

за кордоном $8000–10000

Необхідні навички

System Developer (Dubai, UAE)

General requirements in order of importance
* 5 years experience in system programming, 3 years in C++
* Strong experienced in secure coding
* Multi-threading programming
* Analytical aptitude and strong problem-solving skills
* Network programming
* InterProcess communication (IPC)
* Self-development skills to keep up to date with fast-changing trends
* Teamwork skills
* Basic knowledge of cryptography is a plus
* Reverse engineering on ARM and/or Intel platform is a plus
* Experience in malware analysis is a plus

Platform specific requirements: experience of one of more platform is

* Android
* Java
* Android Framework API and NDK/JNI
* Reverse engineering of Bytecode/Smali is a plus
* Android image customization is a plus

* iOS
* Objective C and Swift
* private frameworks and low level Mach programming are a plus
* iOS sandbox/security model and experience with jailbroken devices are
a plus

* Windows
* Deep knowledge of Win32 and native API
* Updated with recent Windows versions 8 and 10
* COM and/or kernel programming is a plus
* Windows security model

* macOS
* Objective C and Swift
* macOS and POSIX API
* private frameworks and low level Mach programming are a plus
* macOS sandbox/security model is a plus

* linux
* C
* X Windows System and POSIX API
* Debian and Fedora based distribution
* kernel/driver development is a plus


We are offering a very attractive salary package + family insurance + plane ticket/year + kids education allowance + bonus (all Tax free) + relocation assistance to Dubai

Про проект

Company is under NDA. We are looking for 10-20 System Developers. The company is mostly composed of Europeans, including Ukrainians.