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Advanced Software Development (ASD Ltd.)

21...80 специалистов

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Our team is a carefully selected collective of highly skilled and dedicated specialists
who have been working together for more than 12 years to consistently provide totally
effective solutions to satisfy each clients needs — whatever their needs may be

This familiarity combined with essential and seasoned IT skills has made us a potent
force capable of delivering the most professional service applied to an extensive and
varied range of products.

Our experience and specialized skills have repeatedly conspired to meet a wide
spectrum of projects regardless of how challenging or complex

Our creative approach and a determination to remain at the `cutting edge` has
provided us with the means to consistently deliver truly excellent products

Our dedication to meet the most demanding deadlines backed up with a support service
that is second to none has gained us a solid and growing international reputation

It`s not a coincidence we`re called `Advanced Software Development` and we like to
think we live up to our name.

12 years of unbridled success with hundreds of satisfied customers around the world
would be our testimony.

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