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Даллас (США), Poland, Portugal, Porto, Ukraine

22 червня 2022 20:10

Olena Bobukh, Software Developer в Ascendix Technologies

I joined Ascendix almost 5 years ago and since that day the company has felt like a family to me. The work environment is very pleasant and friendly, all team members are true professionals that are committed to bringing success to their projects and teams. Ascendix has a very open and transparent policy in reporting on the current state and future goals of the company. It makes you confident in your future and your career. The company always provides the opportunity for development, you can change your project, and even specialty inside the company, it’s really amazing and flexible conditions that help you to grow and gain new skills as a professional. Also, there are several education programs inside the company that allows you to reach a new level in your career and become a more valuable person for your team.


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