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Даллас (США), Poland, Portugal, Porto, Ukraine

14 травня 2022 12:07

Alexander Naumenko, Software Developer в Ascendix Technologies

I have been working here for almost three years. This company provides flexibility and takes into account your wishes about who you want to be. The company also provided me with exciting projects and, most importantly, a team with true specialists. It seems to me that the company’s primary value is the employees since I have not met a more friendly and worried about your success people who protect and develop your talent. If you are not a couch potato, there is always the opportunity to grow. I can also note many out-of-work activities, including team building and corporate events. I’m not a particular fan of this, but it was just wow at those events where I’ve been. Lastly, stability and confidence in the future are essential to me, and thanks to this company, I have all this.


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