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Київ, Redwood City, CA, USA, Bat Yam, Israel

Art2Hire is a full service recruiting Boutique Company focused on Information Technology. We currently work with some of the world’s leading companies and start-ups to help them develop emerging technologies and build exciting and innovative products. We are always open to meeting new talent and new potential clients!


Recruitment is an art, not a numbers game. It’s a human-driven business that demands skills, technique, passion, personalization and a critical eye, not a formula. This is why we focus on quality over quantity and on the value, our recruiters bring to the table at the end of the day. Our goals are focused on placements and our guidelines are focused on personalization.


· We believe the recruitment process can fundamentally impact both business success and a person’s life by connecting the right person with a job they love.

· We are using cutting-edge technology and tactics that change how companies and job seekers come together. We’re obsessed with making this process as quick and effective as possible.

· We build trust. A client can expect that we’ll have a strong understanding of their challenges. We provide talent solutions that make sense.

· People-Centered, Always. We work with a unique combination of experiences, personalities, and backgrounds, not the resumes. We meet them over coffee instead of over email. We’re honest with them and we always provide feedback. We treat people as people.