Archysoft — українська сервісна компанія, що надає послуги розробки та тестування програмного забезпечення високого класу. Ми підтримуємо високий технічний рівень наших працівників, саме тому у нас є можливість надавати IT послуги та бізнес рішення клієнтам по всьому світу. Ми співпрацюємо як з великими IT-компаніями так і з закордонними клієнтами.
28 вересня 2023

Lead Generation Specialist (вакансія неактивна)


Archysoft is:
— TOP custom web application development company that provides high-end software design, development, and testing services
— We have 80% outstaff projects and 20% outsource and engage with customers from Ukraine, USA, Europe, and Canada
— The company that values our employees —​panies/archysoft/reviews

We are looking for an experienced specialist who can help us develop lead generation. We expect that our lead generator will understand the specifics of our work. Our stack includes ASP.NET, Node.js, Vue.js, Angular, and Bubble — and we’re able to fulfill both startups’ and mid-size businesses’ needs with it. So you have to understand the field of IT and know about programming languages, frameworks, and processes. You don’t have to be able to write code, but you should have a general idea of ​​how it works and what it’s for.

So we would like to find a specialist who can improve our lead processes!)

-1-2+ years of experience (in the field of IT);
-Experience in outstaff or outsource;
-Intermediate or higher English level;
-Ability to use various tools for finding leads and creating a database;
-Understanding of the IT industry;
-Ability to analyze information from different sources
-Participation in the development of the lead generation strategy;
-Knowledge of a CRM system;

Continuous development. We value permanent development. Within the company there is an opportunity to create an individual career path — we will discuss your expectations about professional growth and we will help with achieving your aim.
Proactivity. We expect that you will be a proactive person and we will be happy to hear your opinions and new ideas.
Work-life balance. We propose a paid 20 working days of sick leave and vacation. We avoid overtime and agree on a convenient working time for everyone individually.
Trust and honesty. We appreciate the openness with each other. It means that you should not be afraid to ask a question or make a suggestion or just ask: “How are you doing?” :)

We have 3 main steps in our hiring process:
-First, apply so we can review your CV :)
-The introduction interview with a recruiter and the co-founder. It usually takes about 1 hour;
-The final step is an interview with the CEO and a recruiter.

*If we agreed on a call, please note that the interviews are conducted with the camera. So prepare your camera so as not to postpone the interview