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Київ, Сан-Франциско (США), Единбург (Велика Британія)

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ArchiDevs started in 2014 as a small team of custom online platform developers. Soon, we realized that our software was not only about great code-writing but about problem-solving. To do a great job, we needed to dive deeply into the client’s business processes and suggest solutions that were even better than what we had discussed initially. This was how we approached our work from that moment.

As a result, we built and delivered a platform and an application that scaled to over 30k users worldwide. Over time, ArchiDevs opened offices in the US, Scotland, and Ukraine.

Now, we work on long-term projects for companies of different spheres and are proud of helping them bring the future to life. Join us to do meaningful work and grow! You will learn from great developers, work in an ambitious team on large-scale projects, and will be proud of every line of code you write.