19 жовтня 2021 Перша робота

Flutter intern (вакансія неактивна)

Одеса до $300

It seems that finding a modern job with prospects for growth, where the team is like a family, is quite tricky. IT field appears to be so big, but there is no perfect job for you.

Wait, I think we found what you’re looking for. It is an absolutely unique educational course, where you can become a sought-after specialist on the new and popular Flutter technology from Google in a short period. Our graduates work in the best companies of Ukraine, and those who have proved themselves the best, we leave in our company and create for you a road map of personal development for the following year. So you can be confident in your future.

The training process is based on three key aspects: theory, practice, and personal motivation. To this end, we will provide you with everything you need, from the workplace to an experienced team leader who will help in any situation.

Not so long ago, we adapted and modernized the already modern and up-to-date course program, adding more interactive elements and gamification. The internship is structured so that your KPIs are all up to you. We have a mandatory program as well as an optional one, on which your level of income depends directly. And yes, in addition to the fact that training is free, we also pay you a salary. And life in the office, with all sorts of goodies, corporate events, an excellent game room with a modern PS, and fresh fruits and vegetables, definitely will not leave you indifferent.

If you are interested in our offer, then review the essential requirements and send your resume to our email. If you have 80% of the following, send your resume too. The presence of a great desire to develop will cover the missing 20%.


  • knowledge and experience with one of the programming languages;
  • critical thinking;
  • English level: pre-intermediate +.

We offer:

  • paid internship with further employment for the best interns;
  • Flutter specialist diploma;
  • team of young professionals, who are open to your ideas;
  • work with the real projects;
  • if you follow all the requirements and rules, after 3 months the level of the professional development for the intern is equal to a specialist with more than a year of experience;
  • modern three-story office in the center of beautiful Odessa;
  • playing room with Playstation and board games;
  • fresh fruits and healthy snacks;
  • regular team buildings and corporate events;
  • pet therapy: we have parrots and fish living in our office .