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AppGress is a Ukrainian IT company that is client oriented and specialises in software development. As a company we generate advanced business solutions within various spheres of programming and technology.

In order to satisfy our clients we use one of the most advanced technologies available nowadays — Blockchain. It allows us to build and produce a number of service, including but not limited to the development of SmartContracts, creation of tokens, programming of safe and protected online wallets for crypto currencies, and other Blockchain solutions. Moreover, as a part of our business we specialise in web-development based on unique designs of our clients, we also create and develop mobile apps of any kind for iOS and Android platforms.

We are open to multiple opportunities, as we aim to build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, in order to work closely with them, to help them improve their everyday business activities, and to achieve their targets in the most efficient and effective ways.

Currently, we are looking for those who are just like us, also client oriented and passionate about advanced technologies, and enthusiastic about finding innovative solutions that will help us to reach our company goals. We are open for co-working and we offer excellent conditions that will boost your desire for self-development and synergy while working in a friendly environment within our inspired and enthusiastic team. If you believe that you are one of us, please contact us on our email 👉 and we are looking forward to meeting you!