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Киев, Одесса

Apostera is a pure Automotive software product company with the vision of bringing mobility world that we all live today to a new area of unavoidable tomorrow — area of autonomy.

Apostera is bringing Mixed Reality capabilities to vehicle complementing and enhancing Navigation experience reshaping how passengers interact with the environment around car location. Our solution merges the virtual and real worlds helping drivers understand in an exact way where to make a maneuver, therefore making the driving experience more enjoyable, safe and carefree.

Together with the Team of experts in Automotive, Navigation, machine learning, Computer Vision and Sensor Fusion technologies, we have introduced to the market the first AR Navigation prototype in the real car running on automotive grade quality HW.

Today with over 60 employees worldwide we are recruiting top talent to our sites in Kiev, Odessa to deliver a solution to production for one of the luxury European OEM. We are happy to onboard a team player who is passionate about technologies and product idea.

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