We’re Apomedical, the telehealth & telemedicine company that is transforming the way patients interact with doctors and pharmacies, challenging inefficient traditional practices, and introducing modern digital methods.
Our mission is to help patients get the medications and treatments they need quickly, efficiently, and above all — remotely.
Our team uses state-of-the-art technologies to build platforms that serve hundreds of thousands of customers across Europe, help them improve their wellbeing and live a better lifestyle.

We’re setting a new standard of telemedicine and online pharmacy services, and leading the market with a unique solution to an everyday problem: Many people prefer getting their prescriptions, medications, and treatments from the comfort of their home, without waiting on line or having an uncomfortable conversation with a pharmacist.
COVID-19 has accelerated this trend and we are witnessing exponential growth in the demand for telemedicine and online pharmacy services.
Now more than ever, patients are looking for an easy way to get medicine delivered to their doorstep. It’s simple, it’s secure, it’s exactly what our technologies are designed for.

More than anything, we’re extremely proud of the people that make Apomedical the great company it is.
Our global team consists of highly driven professionals who are committed to developing and delivering the world’s best online pharmacy experience. We’re obsessed with innovation and passionate about harnessing technology to create great value for our customers.

We’re growing fast and offering unique opportunities to grow with us.
Working at Apomedical is extremely rewarding: You get to take part in a mission that transforms people’s lives and be a part of a rapidly growing company that’s already achieving global success. Join the journey to play a significant role in the shaping of our company.

Let’s create the digital pharmacy & remote doctor services of the future together!

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