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Apiko is a software development company that enters markets with digital businesses, using a solid process and clever strategies. We merge imagination and technology to help brands grow in the age of constant change and transformation. The main technologies we are armed with are JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, Nest.js, React.js, React Native, .Net.

Services we provide:
— Concept development;
— Web and Mobile App Development;
— UI/UX designs;
— Software Testing;
— Dedicated teams;
— MVP development;
— DevOps services;
— Platform Support;

We are proud of:
— More than 50 projects delivered successfully;
— 120+ employees, 25+ contractors
— Apiko Software is trusted and reviewed by Forbes;
— We are recognized as one of the best Ukrainian software development companies by Clutch;
— A number of market giants, such as Google, Uber, Toyota, IBM, Starbucks etc, apply tools developed by Apiko teams;
— We are the first Ternopil company to develop JavaScript expertise on the local market;
TernopilJS Community: Telegram YouTube
— Publication of the first Ukrainian-language Front-end course on Udemy
— Constant growth and covering new directions of development by broadening the tech stack.

Cooperation with us provides you with:
— Flexible schedule;
— Personal income tax compensation and assistance of a personal accountant;
— All the necessary work equipment provided by the company or financial compensation of own equipment usage;
— Regular salary reviews every 6 months based on clearly defined points;
— Free English Speaking club with participation of foreign volunteers and professional tutors;
— Access to the company’s library and training base and compensation of funds for professional training and learnings;
— Regular corporate events, trips, internal tech talks;
— Corporate presents for work anniversaries, birthdays, and public holidays;
— The possibility to receive additional financial bonuses;
— Minimal bureaucracy;
— Paid vacations and sick leaves and public holidays.

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