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Any.Team is highly specialized in the field of high-performance financial systems, as well as we have expertise in the development of payment systems, aggregators, terminals, and gateways.

We are Ukrainian based company. 90% of our team located in Kyiv.
For the last 2 years we’ve been working remotely and have a small office for those wishing to work out of home.

Who we are:
10+ years on the market
20+ released projects
70+ employees (70 % of team are technical specialists)

Core projects:

· Payment service provider — B2B business project — connectivity platform for payment systems

· Digital wallet — B2C project — multi-purpose digital instrument, which gives access to various payment directions. Able to accept, store and pay as you wish.

· Exchangers — B2C project — automatic currency exchange

· Mobile banking (under active development)

Technology expertise:
· Python
· Java
· Node.js
· Vue.js
· PostgreSQL
· HTML5 and JavaScript

Our values:
· innovativeness
· honesty
· constant self-development
· independence
· straightforwardness

Our credo: “Making the world of Finance accessible to everyone”

If you want to know more about us — feel free to contact our team
[email protected]