ANROM Social Business

21...80 спеціалістів

ANROM Social Business is creating digital workplace solutions for large and mid-sized businesses all over the world. Among our clients there are Vodafone Ukraine, VEON (including Kyivstar, Beeline Kazakhstan, Beeline Georgia and other Beelines :)), Lorenz Snack World, etc.

// TODO: Insert more showing-off here, like other companies here usually do.
// TODO: For example, thousands of employees, stock exchange listing, HQ in San Francisco, bla bla bla.

What will you actually do?

Digital workplace solutions are like internal LinkedIn’s for large companies. You remember LinkedIn, don’t you? :)
Our work is to brand and sweeten their UI/UX, integrate with other corporate IT stuff (SAP, Active Directory, etc.), and (most interesting) create apps to enhance value of such solutions. Those apps vary: starting with corporate games, ending with online bidding systems and interactive project dashboards.

Why is it cool to work here?

1) Caring management team
We respect your needs and feedback, support your professional development and aim to be humans first.

2) Interesting tasks
Well, to be honest, some boring ones happen as well, but we are trying our best to keep you interested in work tasks and challenges.

3) Remote work possible
If your productivity is not affected, working remotely is not a problem for us.

4) Decent Hardware
That’s it — your toolchain should work smoothly, testing environment is to load fast and overall work process has to be pleasant.

5) No bureaucracy
Management team is within a hand’s reach, or a Slack / Telegram message’s, so decisions are made fast.

6) Intensive English practice
Daily stand-ups, weekly developer meetings, client-facing calls, etc., will help you improve your language ability with native speakers (USA, Europe). Want more? Will gladly practice English-speaking days internally as well :)

7) Friendly team
Seems like a broken record in job descriptions, we understand. But we can’t hide the truth ;)