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21...80 специалистов
Бостон (США), St.Petersburg, Russia, Lviv, Ukraine

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О компании

Animatron — is a leading provider of cloud-based video and animation tools with customers around the world.

The company was founded in 2011 with an idea to change the world with next-generation tools for marketing and creative professionals.

We have two revolutionary and growing products under our belt:

— Wave.Video — online video editor https://wave.video
— Animatron Studio — animation online software www.animatron.com/studio

With released our new product “Wave.Video” in 2017 the company’s revenue has been growing 20% per month every month!

We are closely affiliated and funded by JetBrains — maker of development tools like IntelliJ IDEA.

We have 3 offices in Boston, Lviv and St.Petersburg.