Anadea Inc. — сервисная компания. Компания родилась 17 декабря 2000 года. Когда четыре молодых талантливых разработчика решили создать компанию, которая будет идеальным местом для программистов.
7 октября 2021

Front End Developer

Киев, Харьков, Днепр

Необходимые навыки

At least 2+ years of experience as FrontEnd Developer
Experience with Angular or React.js
Good knowledge of native JS including newest possibilities of ES 6,7,8
Good knowledge of HTML and methodology of work with it
Unit-tests and understanding of testing tool
Interaction with RESTful web-service
Good spoken English

Будет плюсом

Understanding and using the principles of OOP and FP
Experience in working with Webpack and other assembly systems
GraphQL, Apollo Client


Work with motivated professionals
Continuous performance reviews and appropriate changes in your compensation package
You can influence the technology choice
Professional growth and support of your personal improvement goals
Medical insurance


Make business and technical decisions
Direct communication with client representatives
Create solid, well-tested front-end code

О проекте

Anadea Inc is a team of more than 120 IT professionals, based in Dnipro (Ukraine), Minsk, Grodno (Belarus), Alicante (Spain). Our developers are extremely technically talented guys and passionate for their technologies, which is dictated by our highly competitive IT market.