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10 червня 2022

Canada Amazon DynamoDB Global Tables — software engineer

за кордоном

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed scalable NoSQL server-less database provided by AWS with fast and predictable performance, and seamless scalability.
DynamoDB Global Tables team is responsible for global replication of regional DynamoDB dataset. We are working on interesting and complex distributed system problems like (but not limited to) active-active replication, global synchronous transactions, global endpoints (disaster recovery), cross-account replication and custom write conflict resolution in the active-active replication scenario.

For more details about the product, please refer to the below resources:

1. Global Tables: Multi-Region Replication with DynamoDB (​erguide/GlobalTables.html)
2. Deep Dive on Multi-Region Architectures with Amazon DynamoDB — AWS Online Tech Talks (

We are growing rapidly and have exciting new initiatives ahead — we are looking for engineers to join our development teams across Canada and United States with remote opportunities.

Now we propose positions in Canada.
At Amazon, engineers get end-to-end ownership opportunities from creating a product definition, design, execution, release, continuous proactive architectural improvements, and planning new initiatives for future.

Please apply through:

Read more about DynamoDB at

Details and apply:​ii-dynamodb-global-tables

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