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Alumio is a next-gen, cloud-based, no-code iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) helping you to create future-proof software integrations. Creating integrations between two or more systems, without custom code and via a user-friendly interface, means investing in flexibility instead of building one-off, point-to-point connections. Connect anything from ERP systems, eCommerce platforms, marketing automation software, to machine learning/AI solutions.

While centralizing all your integrations and data on one platform, Alumio’s iPaaS helps eliminate data silos and accelerate process flows across systems for improved digital growth. Extensive monitoring and logging features, as well as the ability to connect different file types seamlessly help you evolve your business’ digital transformation without IT holding you back.

Choosing Alumio means choosing a scalable, secure and compliant environment to handle your systems and data integrations. Our solution helps you be in control of your integrations and data, it helps digitalize and automate your business processes, accelerates decision-making and drives better business outcomes.